Events at Iðnó

The festival is held in Iðnó, a beautiful historical building. It was built in 1897 as a city theatre and reconstructed in its original form in 1997. It remains as it was in 1897, a testament to the grand vision of Iceland’s artisans.  There is a wooden floor in main room that love the touch of your dancing shoes and on second floor (afternoon milongas) is a comfortable sprung vinyl floor.  Iðnó is located right in the city centre at the bank of the Reykjavík pond. A wide selection of restaurants, hotels and guesthouses are in the neighbourhood.

Tango on Ice 2017 BOOKING FORM PROGRAMME VENUE ACCOMMODATION Hér eru þeir miðar sem eru í boði fyrir Tango on Ice 2017 (Form fyrir pöntun er neðar á síðunni): These are the available tickets for Tango on Ice 2017 (The Booking Form follows below): Festivalkort 1: (All milongas and 3 workshops) Price in red for … Lesa áfram Tango on Ice 2017

Tango on Ice á föstudegi í Iðnó. Allar nánari upplýsingar hér: Annar dagur Tango on Ice on Friday. Information about Registration,  Programme, Venues and Accommodation is to be found here: Day two

Tango on Ice 2017 á sunnudegi í Iðnó. Allar nánari upplýsingar hér: Fjórði dagur Tango on Ice 2017 on Sunday in Iðnó. Information about Registration, Programme, Venues and Accommodation is to be found here: Day four

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