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Milonga or practica?

Milonga or practica - what is the difference?

Places where people gather to dance tango are called a milonga. At a milonga the music is played in sets of 3 - 4 songs, such a set is called tanda. The songs within each tanda have a similar character. While one tanda may have a rather fast tangorythm the next one may consist of slower songs. Then there are some tandas with songs of tango vals or milonga. After each tanda there is a short interlude of different music, a cortina. During the cortina the dancers leave the dance floor and find new dance partners for the next tanda. At a milonga the music is played by a tango DJ or a live orchestra.

At a practica people come together with the purpose of practicing their tango skills. The music is played without cortinas and people may stop to repeat and discuss the steps or technique they are practicing. A practica may include a short lesson. At a guided practica a teacher or experienced dancer is present to answer questions that arise and assist the dancers in their struggle to become better dancers.

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