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In order to enjoy the dance, good shoes are important. Tango shoes usually have a sole of leather or suede. The leather sole is more slippery than a suede sole. Which sole is more suitable depends on the dance floor and can also be a matter of personal taste.

Shoes for men are generally laced up and have a 2–4 cm heel. Some prefer smooth training shoes.

Shoes for women must not be too loose and therefore usually have some sort of ankleband. The heel can be 4 - 10 cm, but the most common is 7 - 8 cm heel. Some prefer flat shoes for dancing and many women have a pair of dance sneakers to use when they need a rest from the high heels.

Tango shoes are not for sale in any shop in Iceland, but shoes for ballroom dancing are available at Ástund, Háaleitisbraut 68 and at Dansskóli Jóns Péturs og Köru at Valsheimilið at Hlíðarendi. Rut Ríkey Tryggvadóttir sometimes has tango shoes from Helen La Vikinga for sale. One can make an appointment for shoe shopping by calling Rut on 8216929.

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