Tango on Ice 2016 – programme

Tango on Ice 2016 – Programme

Venue: IðnóVonarstræti 3, 101 Reykjavík

Thursday 22.09 Friday    23.09 Saturday   24.09 Sunday 25.09
Guided tour to Þingvellir
Possibilities for private lessons 10.00–12.00 Possibilities for private lessons with M & M from 11.00–14.00;
with B & H from 11.00–17.00
Workshop A first floor
16.00–17.30       M & M
Milonga advanced /Pimp up my milonga (read more)
Workshop E first floor
12.30–14.00 B & H
Dynamics and change of direction of vals, advanced (read more)
Workshop I first floor
14.00–15.30 M & M
Small repetitive rebounds, advanced (read more)
Workshop B second floor
16.00–17.30 B & H
The most useful steps – all levels (read more)
Workshop F second floor
12.30–14.00 M & M
Milonga, all levels (read more)
Workshop J first floor
15.45–17.15 M & M
Vals, all levels (read more)
Workshop C first floor
17.45–19.15  M & M
Enrosque and lápiz I/A (read more)
Workshop G first floor
14.15–15.45   B & H
Musicality: Phrasing the music I/A (read more)
Registration from 17.30
Workshop D second floor
17.45–19.15  B & H
Playing with your embrace I/A (read more)
Workshop H first floor
16.00–17.30   M & M
Circular movements around common axis I/A (read more)
Afternoon milonga
14.00–18.00 second floor
DJs: ÞS 14-16
& SV 16-18
Afternoon milonga
14.00–18.00 second floor
DJs: EL 14-16
&  PS 16-18
Dinner Iðnó – Remember to sign up
Milonga Iðnó
Milonga Iðnó
DJ: JI / Show: B & H
Milonga Iðnó
DJ: ML / Show: M & M
Cool Down
milonga Iðnó

ML = Michael Lavocah; M&M= Maja Petrović and Marko Miljević ; B&H = Bryndís Halldórsdottir; and Hany Hadaya; JI= Jens-Ingo Brodesser; ÞS = Þórður Steingrímsson; SV = Svanhildur Valsdóttir;
EL = Elín Laxdal; PS = Petra Stefánsdóttir.

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