TangóLógía — a new website

Hlynur Helgason has opened a new website about "Tangology". The web will on the one hand publish articles about the history of tango music and dance, aimed at tango enthusiaists. There he will disuss most important issues of tango history, based on reliable sources. On the other hand is a technical discussion of the things that matter for tango DJs, in order to get the best quality and effect when playing tango music. That part of the website is more specialised, focusing on problematic issues DJs have to deal with. As such, this part is based on original research that may be an interesting addition to current technical discussion going on at the moment internationally. Both parts of the web are bilingual, in both Icelandic and English.

At the moment the website is at its starting point, it will be a work in progress for the foreseeable future, with material added at a regular basis. Those that are interested can subscribe to new material on the website so that they will receive information about new posts.

The website is here: http://artinfo.is/tango/

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