Jessyca Haas í Kramhúsinu 22. sept. kl. 20:00-21:00

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Föstudaginn 22. september kl. 20:00-21:00 verður Jessyca Haas  með námskeið í Kramhúsinu. Praktíkan fellur niður þetta kvöld.  Jessyca gerir grein fyrir sjálfri sér og viðfangsefni námskeiðsins í texta á ensku hér fyrir neðan.  Þar er einnig að finna upplýsingar um skráningu á námskeiðið.  Þátttökugjald er 3.500 kr.

Hægt er að greiða með seðlum eða korti.


On Friday, September 22nd (8pm-9pm) Jessyca Haas will give a workshop at Kramhúsið (next to Bergstaðastræti 7).  The Practica is cancelled on the above mentioned date.  Jessyca introduces herself and explains the subject matter of the workshop in the text which follows.  She also explains how to register.  Entrance fee is 3.500 ISK.  Payment with cash or card:  

Breath is life. Without breath no life. Without life no tango. What does the tango and the breath symbolize?

First of all Tango is about relationships. It is about the love in an embrace. Tango is about creativity, joy, communication and mindfulness. We all have our own understanding what tango symbolizes for each of us. For me tango is about life. And life is energy. An energy in movement, posture, flexibility and strength that gets activated by the power of our own breath.

Sometimes we forget to breathe. Maybe because we are stressed, insecure or simply unaware (this is how I felt many times).

In this 1 hour workshop I want to create again awareness to our precious breath. With breath we can create space, ease and much more room for creativity and joy.

What we are going to do:
1. Introduction
2. Reflecting our breath
3. Breathing exercises in tango movements
4. Sharing what we have experienced (optional)
5. Dancing into the weekly Friday Milonga

This workshop is for everyone (with or without a partner) who wants to create magic and fun for the body, mind and soul while breathing and dancing tango together.

Registration for the workshop is done by
sending me a message e.g. on Facebook (Jessyca Haas),
by sending me an email at or
send me a message on Whatsapp +491799792071
Minimum amount of participants to start is 6 and the price per person is 3500 ISK. Workshop is held in English.

I look forward to receiving you in Kramhúsið at 8pm on the 22nd of September

More about me:
I started Tango dancing in my early 20s and it changed my life from the very beginning. I have been dancing out of pure joy as a hobby and to switch off my mind from work. But only the last couple of years I realized how tango impacts my whole well-being regarding my body, mind & soul.

With my trainings in coaching, meditation, yoga & breathwork I created a new holistic self-reflection and connection to tango dancing. To me tango starts even before putting on my dancing shoes, before agreeing to the ‚capeceo‘, before starting the dance. It starts with breathing.

And because of the new awareness of breathwork I gained a deeper level to tango that raised the quality of the embrace, of each step and also of the space in stillness.