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Tango on Ice 2017


English below.

Tango on Ice hátíðin verður næst haldin dagana 21.–24. september 2017 í Iðnó og í Norræna húsinu.

Gestir hátíðarinnar verða tvö afburða tangopör Maja Petrovic & Marko Miljevic annars vegar og Bryndís Halldórsdóttir & Hany Hadaya hins vegar.  Þau sýna tangó á hátíðinni og kenna 6 námskeið hvort par.

Aðal-DJ hátíðarinnar verður Michael Lavocah og auk hans verða innlendir DJ-ar: Bryndís Halldórsdóttir, Stefán Snorri Stefánsson, Heiðar Rafn Harðarson, Svana Valdsóttir, Laura Valentino og Hlynur Helgason.

Every year Tango Club Reykjavik organizes a festival called
Tango on Ice.  This year it will take place on September 21 – 24 in Iðnó by Tjörnin lake in the centre of Reykjavík and at the Nordic House.

Highly respected and admired tango dancers and teachers are always invited to participate and this year is no exception.

We are very happy that two brilliant tango couples, Maja Petrovic & Marko Miljevic and Bryndís Halldórsdóttir & Hany Hadaya, will be visiting us.

Each pair will give a show and teach 6 workshops.  Michael Lavocah will be the most prominent DJ but besides him there will be Icelandic DJs:  Bryndís Halldórsdóttir, Stefán Snorri Stefánsson, Heiðar Rafn Harðarson, Svana Valdsóttir, Laura Valentino and Hlynur Helgason.

Tango on Ice venues

The festival is held in two places this year, in Iðnó and the Nordic House in Reykjavík.


The main ballroom on the ground floor of iðnó.

Iðnó is a beautiful historical building, built in 1897 as a city theatre and reconstructed in its original form in 1997. It remains as it was in 1897, a testament to the grand vision of Iceland’s artisans.  There is a wooden floor in main room that loves the touch of your dancing shoes.

Dancing in Iðnó at Tango in Ice 2014.

On second floor (afternoon milongas) is a comfortable sprung vinyl floor.  Iðnó is located right in the city centre just beside the Reykjavík pond. A wide selection of restaurants, hotels and guesthouses are in the neighbourhood.

The Nordic House

The Nordic Houce in Reykjavík. Photo © Mats Wibe Lund

The Nordic House in Reykjavík is a cultural institution opened in 1968 and operated by the Nordic Council of Ministers. Its goal is to foster and support cultural connections between Iceland and the other Nordic countries. To this end the Nordic House organizes a diverse program of cultural events and exhibitions. The Nordic House is designed by acclaimed Finnish modernist architect Alvar Aalto (1898-1976). The house is one of his later works, a hidden gem among the better known masterpieces, and features most of Aalto’s signature traits.